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Why IoT Projects Fail – And How to Beat the Odds

Not succeeding at the Internet of Things? You’re not alone. Beecham Research estimates that almost 75% of all IoT projects aren’t considered a success. In fact 96% fail to enable new business models and 60% have scalability problems. Help is here. Join this webinar with Beecham Research, a leading technology research and analysis firm that specializes in IoT, on why IoT projects fail. Beecham’s Robin Duke-Woolley will detail the findings from research with 25,000 IoT adopters on the challenges and pitfalls of IoT projects. What were the obstacles to success? Then get a plan to beat the odds on your next IoT project. Software AG’s Jürgen Krämer, General Manager, IoT and Analytics, explains a 10-step plan to success based on Software AG’s best practices and years of experience on thousands of IoT projects. By attending the webinar, you will receive our free guide on how to beat the odds and succeed at Internet of Things projects.